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Custom Music Demos:

The following files contain clips from some of our custom music pieces.  Enjoy them, but please don't copy them or distribute them.  They are protected by copyright law.  All files are in MP3 format.


Instrumental Styles We're Enjoying Exploring
Uncle Funkin 00:42 TV Game Show Theme
Splintered Squirrel 01:43 Puzzle Game Music: Sceneit
The Yoghurt Explosion 01:16 Puzzle Game Music: Sceneit
Sex A Drum 01:29 Puzzle Game Music: Sceneit
X is for H20 04:03 Indie Hollywood Film soundtrack: think Clint Eastwood in Space

Songs with Words That Tell Stories

Viva la Resolution 04:42 Created for the 2005 Microsoft keynote at GDC.  The full story is here.
No Man On Earth 01:46 A song of Love Gone Bad.  Also a song of Aliens who want to Destroy All Humans.  Game never released.
Tiny Hero 05:06 A meaningful song about grappling with Life.  Also, the theme for a film-noir style game about a six-inch-high detective.  Game never released.
Metal Chicken Suit 03:40 Full-length loving parody of gaming/gamers.  Also a Love Song. Submitted as theme for Cyberstrike II.
Dog Eat Dog 07:07 Funk theme for a game about office politics.  Game never released.

Rocket Reels 00:35 Slot Machine:  Space
Orient Express 00:34 Slot Machine:  Train
Gold Standard 00:05 Slot Machine:  Classic-style physical reel

Voices of Despair 00:31 Theme music for Tanarus:  grim orchestral/choral
Run Like Hell 00:33 Orchestral
Orch Demo 4 00:43 Orchestral, danger, Jaws take-off
Chapel Pain


Orchestral, choral
Three Gates 00:24 Orchestral, western or primitive
Orch Demo 10 01:04 Orchestral, percussive
Orch Demo 12 01:13 Orchestral, military
Orch Demo 14 00:35 Orchestral, jungle
Orch Demo 15 00:31 Orchestral, rock anthem
Big Muff 01:24 Rock
Crotchtower 00:37 Rock, 60's
Final Hour Hawaiian 00:26 Location theme
In Front of Doc's 00:34 Location theme
Coffin Dance 00:24 Location theme
Dolls of Doom 00:32 Puzzle music
XMusic Box 00:29 Puzzle music
Welcome to the Zoo 00:29 Theme with lyrics, children's
This Means War 00:51 Theme with lyrics
Nice Day for War 01:17 Theme with lyrics
Mr. Death 00:59 Theme with lyrics
Skeletons in my Closet 01:09 Theme with lyrics
The Game 01:03 Theme with lyrics
We Sing Real Low 00:32 Television theme with lyrics
Moonglow 01:45 Russian surf music
Boogie Board 00:54 Russian surf music
Savannah Slump 00:19 Russian surf music/jazz
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