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  • The Austin Game Developers Conference has an audio track that adresses the needs of established game audio professionals. All sessions are required to be at an intermediate or advanced level. George is on the advisory board.
  • The University of Texas is creating a Videogame Archive. George is a member of the small group that helped get this project off the ground.
  • BEAM Foundation fosters electronic music that exemplifies the tools and aesthetic of the 21st Century. George is on the board of directors.
  • George is a member of the band, The Captains of the Chess Team. All band members are required to have day jobs in the games industry. Nerds rock!
  • For news, reviews, and general information about game music, visit
  • FMR, home of the "Really Nice Compressor."  Made by our friend Mark McQuilkin, it's the best audio compressor you can get for under $2000, and it's $199.  Only in Texas.
  • Realtime is the company of Dave Warhol, The Man Who Discovered The Fat Man 3 Times.
  • Here is the homepage of the IASIG (Interactive Audio Special Interest Group).
  • Don't miss Bobby Prince's page--He's a great composer and a good friend!
  • Funk Logic: Here's a company whose product does precisely what is claimed.  The Fat Man cashes in one credibility point by endorsing them.
  • Staufmansion-line is a nice fan site for The 7th Guest and 11th Hour.
  • Here is a still from The 7th Guest that shows a picture of the Fat Man in the game's portrait gallery.
  • Aftermath Media is where brilliant guys Rob Landeros and Dave Wheeler went after Trilobyte.

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