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Private Game Audio Lessons 

Available For the First Time:

Private Lessons From the “Legendary Game Audio Guru” 


George Sanger, better known as The Fat Man, will, for a limited time, be alternating between living in San Diego, CA and living in Austin, TX, spending about one month in each.  During that time, he will be scheduling private Game Sound lessons with students at any level.


As a student, you will interact, one-on-one, for a three- or six- hour single-day session, with a man famous for having successfully helped people, companies, and industries to reach their next level of advancement.  

If you have a serious interest in exploring the field of gaming from the side of music or sound, this could be just the thing to put you onto your track in a big way.


Young Beginners and Professionals from Other Fields
Intermediate and Advanced Students
What a Session Might Include
Requirements and Location
How to contact us
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Below:  Speaking at Poland's first Game Development consortium
Below:  Beating John Romero at Age of Mythology.  This was the celebrity tournament at that game's release party.

Young Beginners and Professionals from Other Fields

George works comfortably with everybody from Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, high school and college students to industry leaders.  

Many programming and production experts with no audio expertise have relied on George's help to get the big picture as far as game sound.  Likewise, audio experts from film and TV industries with no game experience have been helped by George to widen their scope of skill, knowledge, and effectiveness.

If you feel that you would benefit from a session with  one of the very few recognized Masters of the Game Audio field, this is your chance.   Take a look at what a session might include, and see if it looks like it's for you.

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Intermediate and Advanced Students

If you already have some experience at Game Audio, or if you are a professional with years under your belt-- in Game Audio or another field-- you might jump at this chance to sit for a day,  one-on-one, with somebody at the top of his field, famous for synthesizing ideas from many fields and processing those ideas to help advance causes--in this case, yours.

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The "Wall of Fame" at Abbey Trails Studios in Austin, Texas represents a portion of the games and other projects The Fat Man and Team Fat have contributed to.

What a Session Might Include

The content covered in any given lesson is entirely dependent on the needs of the student, and can be adjusted during the course of the lesson.  It can be arranged by a topic or a mix of topics, by level of advancement, or by focusing "on the fly" to the student's interest and excitement at the time. 

All sessions will begin with 30-60 minutes of orientation, so that George and the student can become familiar with each other's background, musical tastes and abilities, and goals for the session.

Sample Sessions-- Pick what you like or make up your own:

Examples by Topic:  Software and Technique, Business and Workflow

Examples by Level:  Beginner, Advanced


A session emphasizing Software and Technique might go as follows:

  • Overview and tour of The Fat Man's mobile rig
  • Favorite "secret weapon" programs and tools
  • Combining Reason and Nuendo for fast and effective composing
  • AutoTune vs Melodyne vs "The Way it Was Sung"
  • Best software synths
  • Shortcuts for integrating "real" audio
  • Mastering techniques
  • An overview of "audio integration" software
  • Best practices for organizing voice files and sound effects for game development

If a student wanted to work on Business and Workflow, it might go like this:

  • Picking a job
  • Landing a job
  • Keeping a job
  • The peculiar nature of the corporations and individuals involved in the game business
  • Rules of thumb for pricing
  • Flow of command vs. flow of creativity and flow of assets
  • Communicating to programmers how and when the audio is to fit into the game
  • Contracts:  the big picture
  • Hiring and keeping subcontractors
  • Running a successful recording session
  • Credits, copyrights, work-for-hire
  • Invoicing tips

This might be a good session for a Beginner:

  • How the computer is used to make sound
  • Getting sound into the game:  software
  • Getting sound into the game:  promotion, presentation and contacts
  • "Risk vs. Reward:" is game audio right for me?
  • How much of game audio is creative and fun, how much is "spadework," and what is the difference?
  • Putting your best foot forward--analysis of the student's strengths and how they might be leveraged
  • A peek at the available books, academic programs, and web resources
  • Exercises to help the student get to his/her next level

An Advanced student might prefer this:

  • Where does the industry seem to be headed?
  • Creativity vs. business vs. technology
  • Avoiding (or surviving) crunch-time
  • Lessons learned from 14 years of the Project Bar-B-Q think-tank
  • Comparison of Film and TV audio production to Game audio production
  • Successful strategies for file naming, organization, format, conversion, backup, transfer, and version tracking
  • Advanced recording tricks, techniques and "secret discoveries"
  • Behind-the-scenes anecdotes about that company you thought you wanted to work for  :)


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Requirements and Location

Sessions near Austin can happen at Abbey Trails studio, or George can  bring his mobile rig to your home or studio.  Sessions near San Diego are only available where the student can provide an appropriate space.

For San Diego sessions, or Austin sessions at your location, you must provide:

  • A relatively quiet space
  • One or two three-hour blocks of time between 8AM and 12:30PM and/or 1PM to 7PM
  • An AC power outlet
  • A clear desktop at comfortable sitting height, approximately 4' wide by 2' deep
  • Two chairs
  • Internet access (wired or wireless)

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An original MIKO workstation ^


One iteration of the continually improving "Fat Edition" MIKO, as hacked by George.  If a workstation is required for your lesson, this very famous one is the one that will be used -->


A student can book the following types of session:

  • Morning Session:  any 3 hours between 8:30AM and 1:00PM:   $700
  • Afternoon Session:  any 3 hours between 2PM and 7PM:  $700
  • Full Day Session:  one Morning Session and one Afternoon Session (above) in the same day: $1,100

Cash, check, or PayPal payment must be received in advance or at the beginning of the session.

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Pick a day when George will be in your area and available during the morning, afternoon, or both (whichever you prefer), then contact us to ask questions and book the time.


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