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Sound Set Development and Consulting for Musical Instruments, Chips, and Cards

Need a sanity check?  Some real world evaluation from an industry pro? Meaningful audio feedback (the good kind) on your product is available from The Fat Man.

For over fourteen years we have been creating sound sets and assisting the manufacturers of hardware that incorporates sound sets.

In 1994, our sound card testing facility, Fat Labs, was established to ensure quality General MIDI music. We provided detailed feedback and iterative testing that helped manufacturers make sure that their cards played back in a musically balanced way. Fourteen companies used our services to improve the quality of their sound cards. This resulted in a vast improvement in the world of General MIDI implementation.

Because of our strong history of valuable contribution in this area, we continue to be periodically called upon to assist in sound set development.

Game Audio Consulting

Frequently we are asked to help develop the audio specifications for a game.  Usually this is in conjunction with our development of the audio elements (music, sound effects, voice, ambient sounds).  Assistance with the audio spec is part of our job when we do music and sound design for your product.  But... if you are working with someone else who will be creating your audio content and you just need a little help designing the spec, we're here for you.

Interface Design

The Fat Man has helped design easy-to-use interfaces for audio software products (and some graphics products, too).  As a highly experienced user of audio software and an excellent communicator, The Fat Man can make a significant contribution to the usability of your new product.

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